Everyone is taking a bite out of hunger!

lemon challenge (2)

Why Lemons?

The lemon is our chosen symbol of healthy living and inspiration!

Did you know lemons can be used as a healthy alternative to salt in many dishes by adding zest or sprinkling juice to give flavor?

Lemons are low in calories and contain a good source of fiber and vitamin C. High sodium intake increase blood pressure and can lead to heart disease.

Lemons, the new "SALTERNATIVE!"

What is the lemon challenge?

Inspired by "The Ice Bucket Challenge" that promotes awareness for ALS, the Lemon Challenge encourages ANYONE to share our message across social media platforms!

Be silly, put yourself out there. and get people talking about how to make big changes for communities in need!

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How can you help?

1. Choose a social media platform(s)
2. Record yourself saying:
"My name is ? from ? and today I'm going to bite into a lemon to raise awareness to end hunger, one block at a time!"
3. Chomp!
4. Challenge 3 friends/family
5. Use #lemonchallege and tag away!