Micro-Grocery Store Dedicated to Ending Hunger

We at Lemon Oasis provide fresh and frozen healthy options to families at low costs.

Lingering Problems and Feasible Solutions

Pain Point One

Many families do not have the financial capability to buy their own meals. A percentage of these families are homeless—an important fact to consider because food banks will not provide you with meals if you do not have a permanent address.

Also, families who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) normally have limited benefits by the end of the month. As a result, they have to choose between rent, utilities, and food.

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Solution One: The Fridge

Our participation in Catholic Charities’ Common Table program enables us to cook beans, rice, and rice dishes for free. We always have rice options, and we plan to introduce more items in the future, such as spaghetti squash.

Our team has no problem operating in locations without a kitchen. We utilize instant pots in those places.

Pain Point Two

Some families can afford to buy meals but do not have access to fresh food. There are several factors that contribute to this situation, particularly:

  • People in our neighborhood have easy access to dollar and convenience stores that offer dry goods and staples at competitive prices.
  • They have limited access to fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Most charitable organizations and food banks are open only once a week or for a few hours.

Lemon Oasis wants to transform our community from a processed food desert into a fresh Oasis.

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Solution Two: The Freezer

We will install self-contained, two- to three-door freezers that will store essentials at the lowest possible prices. On top of that, we will work with organization/charity partners, such as Catholic Charities, that already have existing infrastructure.

The basic necessities include frozen vegetables and fruits as well as chicken, pork, and beef. All items will be sold in even dollar increments.

Pain Point Three

One widespread problem is the lack of education and opportunities provided to consumers. They need to be well-informed about eating healthier on a budget and have access to avenues that can make that happen.

Families in our community are surrounded by retail chains that do not carry fresh meat or produce. Given this, their purchasing decisions when it comes to essentials are dependent on their budgets. Nutrition becomes an afterthought. For instance, many people buy soda, a product with no nutritional value, because it is inexpensive.

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Solution Three: The Cooler

  • Our Bevi machines offer refreshing, flavored water as a healthy option for the whole community.
  • We will give away free lemons during the first month and teach the community how to season food with them, adding flavor and nutrition to their dishes.
  • We will provide delicious recipes for seven-day meal plans. They require minimal ingredients using our fresh and inexpensive products.
  • We will prepare bagged rice, giving families a healthy way of feeling full for a longer period of time.
  • We will introduce popcorn kernels as a healthier and cheaper alternative to potato chips.
  • For only $0.10, we can feed a bag of popcorn to a family of four.

About Our Grocery Store

A Grocery Rooted in Philanthropy

Lemon Oasis is a unique micro-grocery store that primarily caters to low-income families in the West Louisville, KY area. We offer fresh meals and meat as well as frozen fruits and vegetables at affordable prices.

After seeing people looking for food in store dumpsters and vandalizing property, we were inspired to provide fresh and healthy food at low prices for everyone in the neighborhood. We established Lemon Oasis in a strategic location so that customers can easily go there by foot.

Cost of Meals for Families

Rice and Bean Meals

Every meal is free and can feed a family of four for a day.

Fresh Frozen Meat
  • $2 for 1 lb of ground beef
  • $5 for 3 lb of boneless and skinless chicken breasts
  • $7 for ½ lb of boneless pork loin
Frozen Vegetable Medley

$2 for 2 lb of frozen vegetables

Frozen Fruit Medley

$2 for 2 lb of frozen fruits

Bevi Flavored Water
  • Free for the first six months
  • $2.25 for every fill-up
Free Lemon

We are providing one free lemon with every purchase.

Our Partnerships

We have forged alliances with different companies and institutions that share our dream of ending hunger.

For instance, we have partnered with Catholic charities to cook rice and beans, giving them to the community for free. We have also partnered with Cash Saver Grocery to provide meat, fruits, and vegetables. Our other affiliations are the Louisville Metro Government and Dare to Care Food Bank.

The Lemon Challenge

In line with our efforts to spread awareness of our cause, we have initiated the Lemon Challenge.

Inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, our version involves biting into a lemon, sharing a video of it on social media, as well as encouraging friends and family to do the same. We are hopeful that this will inform others of our mission to end hunger in our local area and encourage them to donate.

Help Our Cause

Your donation will go a long way in helping our program become more sustainable, making it easier for us to maintain it long-term.

Thus, it will allow us to continue providing quality food at low prices. Click on the button below to make a difference.

Mission, Vision, and Purpose

Our Mission

We strive to end hunger by inspiring action, one block at a time.

Our Vision

We have a vision of creating a sustainable organization that provides inspiration to every neighbor in the community.

Our Purpose

Our grocery was founded to support the community by providing education and promoting goal setting through inspiration and sustainability. We also want to encourage others to serve their neighbors and empower families in Shawnee Neighborhood community to live a healthier lifestyle on a realistic budget. 

  • Inspiration
  • Sustainability
  • Encouraging others to serve their neighbors

Organizational Goals and Community Statistics

Objectives of Our Charity

  • Be available to the community six days a week, including night hours two days a week.
  • Provide healthy food choices to low-income families.
  • Provide the essentials at rock-bottom prices.

West Louisville, KY Numbers

  • 16% of Jefferson County suffers from food security, 13% above the national average.
  • 40% of food is thrown out every year.
  • One out of three children is at risk of hunger.
  • The average household income is $22,000.00.

Feed Families By Shopping

Shop in our online store to share your pride in ending hunger, one block at a time! Every shirt, water bottle, and pair of earrings that you purchase will provide fresh food to local families.

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